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பெண்கள் பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் க்ய்நேகோலோக்ய் மையங்கள்
 04422532956, 04443580423
14, 10டி.எச். கிராஸ்‌ ஸ்டிரீட்‌, எ.ஜி.ஸ் காலனி, வெலசெரி, சென்னை - 600042, Tamil Nadu
அருகில் ராதா்‌ சுபர்மேர்கெட்


Services: பீர்டீங்க்/டிலிவரி சூட்ஸ், இமர்ஜென்ஸி பிரெக்னென்ஸி டிரீட்மெண்ட், ஃபாலோபிய்ன் ட்யூப் சர்ஜரி, ஹாய் ரிஸ்க் பிரெக்னென்ஸி டிரீட்மெண்ட், ஹீஸ்டிர்க்டோமி டிரீட்மெண்ட்ஸ், இம்ஃபெர்டிலிடி டிரீட்மெண்ட், லேமேஜ் கிலாசெஸ் ட்யூரிங்க் பிரெக்னென்ஸி, மின்‌பாஸ் டிரீட்மெண்ட், பிரெக்னென்ஸி டிலிவரி, பிரெக்னென்ஸி டர்ம்‌நெஷன், செம் டெ பிரெக்னென்ஸி டர்ம்‌நெஷன்

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Hello Keshav
from my personal view, i would say nothing wrong in waiting till 41 week of pregnancy if the patient's amniotic fluid level is sufficient. pregnancy beyond 41 weeks will be induced generally and vaginal birth will be tried. i wish you should've waited......


Currently am consulting Dr.Balakumari for my second delivery. Can any of you tell me how the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)?
I could see NICU in the hospital and just wanted to make sure about this before my delivery.

Please guide me with your experience.

Hi All, i got an worst experience with KS Hospital. I went there to get treatment for getting pregnant. they r asking to get appointment before we visit and everytime the appointment time has not been maintained properly. we have to sit and wait for such a long time even to show the report.They gave treatment for more than 4 months and every time they r saying that no dominant follicle s found. they r simply saying that lets try out the next level of treatment which costs more than 20000 rupees. i agreed and asked whether that treatment will give expected results or not. their answer was like it may or may not .we r not sure. this s just a try... lets wait and see. i has spent more than ten thousand rupees for the past 4 months. i ... மேலும் காண்க
Sorry mister kesave, I have also visited the same doctors and 12 other friends of mine have also visted her and it for all us it has been normal, I am just wondering how could you ever write such a bad review of a wonderful doctor who has been really simple and who never cared for money. My experience with her and all my friends experience have been really good, so I am just wondering how could have it been bad for you. She really treats patients well and take care keen interest in each patients history. She tries mostly for normal only, in worst case only she does C section. I have never written reviews so far, but when i read a bad review for a wonderful doctor like her, i could not take it. My experience with her was really great so was ... மேலும் காண்க
Hi All, Well, I did not want to write this but I was unable to stop myself from writing such a bad review but Dr. Balakumari forced me and my patience to write this. If you have been to her hospital recently, you will notice that lot of slippers will be left in front of the door. Well, when I went for the first time I had a feeling that she might be taking care of the patients were gently. After my 1st visit all I could feel that she is running a legal business by showing herself as a busiest person in the world. First thing a patient would always look in a doctor is patience and attention towards the patient's need. I have not seen any doctor in my life being so immature, disrespect and filthy minded personality. If she to view the ... மேலும் காண்க

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