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ஆர்.கே. மாடல் ஹை பள்ளி

1/538, குரூ நகர்‌ காலனி, கே.ஆர். பலிலி, சித்தூர் - 517001
அருகில் ஹோடல்‌ உடுபி


Medium: இங்கிலிஷ்
Gender: ஸோ-எத்

எழுது விமர்சனம்

பயனர் விமர்சனங்கள்

RESPECTED RAVI SIR, KOMALA MAM...my name is hima bindu.k my 2 kids r studying in your school my big son sai jayaamruth
nd my small son sai chakridheeraj,we wish nd say thanks to our school sir,as a parent i am so happy about ur school maintainence,study culture,deciplane,good activities,langauge improovement, studies improovement,nd taking goodcare of every children everything is good...thank's to everyone.
The best school in the town and those were the most happydays in my life which i would never get back
hi mam iam student of r.kms thanks for ur service
hi madam i completed my B.Tech and i am interested to work as a teacher in your school.Is there any vacancy for the post of teacher

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