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கலாச்சார மையம்
 01123383233, 01123383232-4
18, திலக்‌ மர்க்‌, கான்னௌட்‌ பிலெஸ்‌, தில்லி - 110001
அருகில் அமெரிகன் இக்ச்‌பிரெஸ்‌ பேங்க்‌


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A group of students from Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden would like to visit the Iranian culture centre in the month of october or november as per your convenience.The visit is a part of the ISA Activity which aims to help students understand and respect various cultures of the world. It would indeed be very kind of you to please send a line of confirmation with suitable date and time at the following e mail address-info@greenfieldspublicschool.com

Ghulam raza mehdvi pur
Iran culture house new delhi 11001.

Hello sir.I want to give the test for going to Iran in islamic aducation study.
so i hope that please sir you give me permission for give me test.
my name is farzan abbas
qualification=I m 10+2 pass complete.
address q22, street no 18 brahmpuri delhi 1110053
mobile no=9891041848

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