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9-டி, கான்னௌட்‌ பிலெஸ்‌, தில்லி - 110001
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Leather: யெஸ்
Brands: ஹீல்ஸ்
Products: ஹேண்ட்‌பேக்ஸ், லெடீஸ் ஹெண்ட் பர்ஸ், வாலெட்ஸ், இவனிங்க் பர்செஸ், மோபைல் பௌசெஸ், டிரெவல் பேக்ஸ்
Credit Cards Accepted: மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், விஜா, விஜா இலெக்டிரான்
Type: கேஜுயல் ஷூஸ், ஃபார்மல் ஷூஸ், ஆஉட்‌டோர்/ஏட்வெஞ்சர், ஸ்போர்ட்ஸ் ஷூஸ்
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Near Fun Cinema
Pitampura, NCR

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Great quality shoes for formal and casual wear.
It was the last and the worst experience of my life at Heels. Yesterday, after a hectic week, me n my husband managed some time for shopping and we went to Heels which was my only n only choice for footwear. We both spent approximately half n hour selecting a pair of partywear footwear and suddenly one woman who visited that counter after me and who must have seen that single pair in my hand told the salesman that she wanted to have that. He came to me and said" ye wala dikhana madam" i replied that i have taken this already and he said " ye koi aur le chuka hai as bhut der se ye wala pair ni mil rha tha" and unke pas iska dusra pair hai ( that was actually later taken out from their stock upstairs as they only display one pair and second i ... மேலும் காண்க

I am Pal a customer ,

The workers of The heels con naught place are shockingly misbehaved, they have shown a forceful, rash and unacceptable behaviour against my TWO year old child, a toddler, they were lucky that it was in the shop and my wife didn't want to create a scene, Mr SK Gupta or Amit Gupta will be communicated soon about this incident that happened on 2 Feb 2015,,,,