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ஜெ.எம்.எ. மேன்யூஃபேக்சரிங்க் பிரைவெட் லிமிடெட்

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 01204261776, 01204261791
டி-187, நோயிடா செக்டர்‌ 63, நோயிடா - 201301, Uttar Pradesh
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Products & Services: மேன்யூஃபேக்சரிங்க் ஆஃப் கிஃப்ட் மற்றும் நோவெல்டீஸ், டெகோரெடிங்க் மடிரியல்ஸ்

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I need a job my qualification is +2 and iti
DUSHYANT DESHWAL AUTOCAD, DESIGN ENGINEERING, AUTOCAD DESIGN, PRODUCTION DESIGN ________________________________________ OBJECTIVE- To grow with an organization that provides ample opportunities to learn, environment that provides job satisfaction and enables me to grow as an individual contributor and team player. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE In Wioska Molding Private limited, Noida as a Designing Engineer- AUTOCAD since 29th July 2014. • Design frameworks for a project. • Work with industrial and packaging engineers to develop, manufacture, and market a product. • Analyze, design and build business/technical solutions that deliver the client’s goal. • Create detailed design documentation. • Estimate time ... மேலும் காண்க

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