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 02226331310, 02267249999
9, ரஹெஜா கிலாஸ்சிக், லோகண்டவாலா, அந்தெரி வெஸ்ட்‌, மும்பயி - 400053, Maharashtra
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Inner Wear: நோ
Brands: கிராஸ், லோடோ, போகர், டர்‌டல்
Gender: மென்ஸ், வூமென்ஸ்
Uniforms: நோ
Woolen Clothes: நோ
Boutique: யெஸ்
Type: கேஜுயல், ஃபார்மல், இன்டியன்‌, வெஸ்டர்ன்
Type: காடன் சாடிஸ், இம்பிரோய்டெரி சாடிஸ், ஃபேன்ஸி சாடிஸ், கெயோர்கெட் சாடிஸ்

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Which is best Trendy Saree purchase place near by
I want to contact options but need phone and address
I love the Indian wear that Options offers, they always offer swanky collections. They use rich colors and which make me fall in love with their clothes.
I had been to Options the other day to shop for my friend's wedding day outfit. I had accompanied him at this place. It was mind-boggling. He certainly did get what he wanted. Not too flashy, very decent & very classy. But everything was so enticing that I also had to lose a few pounds off my pocket. I also did my bit of shopping for his wedding. I just blame it on the wedding to get rid of the guilt. But jokes apart, the place is truly amazing. You can get anything & everything under the sun. I'll surely go there once again.
I had been to Options yesterday! It is one crazy shop. I was mesmerized by the items that they had on display. They had almost every brand under one roof. I basically went there for a jacket but everything else was so enticing that I ended up buying a pair of shoes & a backpack. I'm not going anywhere near Options for another month or I'll be bankrupt.

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