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 02224813333, 02224910701
2/எ-1, விங்க்‌ ராயல்‌ கார்டென்‌, டாக்டர். ஏனி பெசந்த் ரோட்‌, வோரிலி, மும்பயி - 400018, Maharashtra
அருகில் நெஹரு பிலேந்யேடேரியம்
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Pubs: No
Parking: Covered
Entertainment: 4D Cinema Hall, Video Games
Restaurants: China Gate, Shamiana, Santino's, Sala Thai, Magic Wok, Kailash Parbat
எடிட்டர் குறிப்பு
Atria Mall: Located in Worli, Atria mall offers a unique assortment of brands that aren't available anywhere in Mumbai. You can expect to find hi-end stores and retail brands like Moschino, Promod, H2o skin care, Segue shoes and bags, Patchi chocolates and many more, not to mention the Rolls Royce showroom that stands out.The usp of atria remains its hi-end fashion brands including Mango, Nine West, La senza, Aldo, Sepia, Lucera and many others all under one roof. The mall incidentally also has a lot to offer if you are big on bling; we mean a jewellery enthusiast. Entertainment wise, Atria yet again scores well as it offers something unique that no other mall in the city does. If you are a big 4d movie buff, the Orama 4d theater here is an ... மேலும் காண்க

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will have second thoughts now purchasing footwear from charles & keith....
three months back purchased one slipper broze along with two bags , after wearing the chappals immediately got server chappal bites, deep gashes on my feet, thinking chappal was new , wore them again after agap of two months as my gashes on feet had not healed, second time round again the straps just cut into my skin again causing bleeding and deep gashes, same returned to atria mall store on 27trh feb , would request your company to please check and stop making products which disfigure our feet... am awaiting an answere from you

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