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ఉడుపి శ్రి కృష్ణా భావన్

 08022284999, 08022284777
7, ఓ.టీ.సి. రోడ్‌, బాలేపేట్, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560053, Karnataka
నియర్‌ ఉప్పేర్పేత్ పోలిస్‌ స్టేశన్‌
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Catering: నో
Home Delivery: నో
Amenities: నాట్ అవైలేబల్
Valet Parking: నో
Alcohol: నో
Cuisine: మల్టి-కూసిన్ , సౌథ్ ఇన్డియన్‌
Number Of Rooms: 22 రూమ్స్
Veg/Non-Veg: వేజ్
Food coupons accepted: నో
Credit Cards Accepted: నో
Credit Cards Accepted: 1నో
AC,Non AC: నన్ ఎ.సి.
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Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan: Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan is one of the oldest South Indian restaurants that have been in business more than 70 years and is still flourishing. It serves good snacks and meals, which are well within one's budget.

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Idli vada is a must here with coffee
This is one of the oldest 'brahmin' eateries in the peta., Bangalore City. It has been a haven for those seeking traditional snacks (thindi) and meals (oota) for decades and still holds an attraction to tons of diners daily. The modest, old-world ambience has changed little from the time it was set up in the late 1920s. But as someone who has eaten there several times and entertained visitors, mostly westerners there, its an unique experience of Peninsular India and its culture and cuisine. As such it may not look much but the kitchen is as clean as it gets in most of our homes. The little walk from Majestic to the eatery may be crowded but remember this is the old business/traders district where many old buildings still stand in neglect b ... మరిన్ని చూడండి
I have eaten here about ten years ago and they had dosas that were very tasty - I have had masala dosa and sagu dosa. It is a big hassle to get there - messy narrow road and poor ambience, not the most clean looking joint etc.,. But if you love dosa - it is a must try.

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