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థ్రీ క్వోర్టర్ చైనిస్ Owner Verified Listing

 08032904888, 08025327982
22, అమేవ్బా కామ్ప్ల్యాక్స్, గ్రౌండ్‌ ఫ్లోర్‌, చర్చ్‌ స్ట్రీట్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560001, Karnataka
నియర్‌ కనారా బ్యాంక్‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: నో
Home Delivery Radius: 3 కెమిస్
Home Delivery: యేస్
Amenities: నాట్ అవైలేబల్
Valet Parking: యేస్
Alcohol: యేస్
Home Delivery Call: 25327982
Veg/Non-Veg: నన్-వేజ్
Food coupons accepted: నో
Credit Cards Accepted: యేస్
AC,Non AC: ఎ.సి.
Cuisine: చైనిస్ , కాంటినేంటల్ , ఇన్డియన్‌ , మల్టి-కూసిన్
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Three Quarter Chinese: The cleverly named Three Quarter Chinese has an extensive Chinese menu with a sprinkling of Indian fare in a lounge atmosphere. After a day of shopping or an exhausting bowling session at Amoeba upstairs, settle down for a feast at this conveniently located restaurant. Meat lovers will enjoy the Duck in Plum Sauce and the Lamb in Hot Garlic Sauce. The Singapore Noodles with Prawn is another must-try. The wine-list is reasonably priced and the Indian menu is limited but tasty.

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nice place
excellent chinese cuisine...hmm yum!!reasonable price.very good ambience.
excellent food, nice service, ambiance. Will surely visit again. also recommend my friends
Good food, reasonable prices, nice service. Will visit again.
Buffet is too good, full north indian style food....chinese food is also good.....................one should have taquila sunrise.....you can in the glass itself the sun is like rising...
been to the place today, service is good. food can be rated average, nothing big! though they say they accept food coupons, they dont!!! i called and verified before going, they said they accept all but when the moment of truth came i had to swipe my credit card. so the truth is THEY DONT ACCEPT FOOD COUPONS.!!! peroid.
Good ambience and even better food. The buffet which runs from Monday through friday is a good deal for the money. Dinners are usually much more expensive, but you have a wide choice to Chinese, thai and indian dishes to choose from. They claim themselves to be three quarter chinese and one quarter Indian :)
I have been to this place a couple of times, and found the service to be outstanding.

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