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జిజ్ఞాసా ద్ స్కూల్

మాంటిస్సోరి మరియు కిండర్గార్టెన్
 07259971595, 09900069835
174, 2ఎన్.డి. ఎ క్రోస్, డోమ్లూర్ 2ఎన్.డి. స్టేజ్, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560071, Karnataka
నియర్ భగీని రేస్ట్రాంట్


Credit Cards Accepted: నో
cash, credit card

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యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

This is an excellent play school. They have a small but extremely efficient and focused team that is carefully handpicked.
Unlike other 'several-branches' and franchisee model that frequently sees dilution in quality this school stands out in delivering what is promised.
I came across this school few days back ,the ambience and the staff seem really friendly and welcoming ,my daughter who is 3 years old was totally at ease ,amongst all the schools I have visited I am probably narrowing down this choice.
I came across this school yesterday, and was very impressed with what I saw.