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148, గోల్ఫ్ లిన్క్‌ రోడ్‌, అమర్జ్యోఠి లేయావుట్‌, ఇంటర్ రింగ్‌ రోడ్‌, డోమ్లుర్, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560071, Karnataka
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Day Care Centre: యేస్
Play School: యేస్
Credit Cards Accepted: మాస్టర్‌కార్డ్, విజా, విజా ఇలేక్ట్రాన్
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Your Kids R Our Kids: This national child care provider offers on-site child care, near-site child care, emergency backup care, and work/life consulting. YKROK designs programmes and child care centres in line with National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC) standards, America

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యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

A totally no-stress environment is what my son experiences when he is in his preschool that is Your Kids R Our Kids. In fact, he loves it more to be at school than at home! With such a thematic curriculum that is provided to the kids for optimum learning and a management of renowned educationists, I am truly satisfied with the level of learning that Your Kids R Our Kids has provided to my child.

My son has been going to Playschool for several months now and the experience has been really great. The curriculum is a mix of free play and academic learning. Many schools in this area focus on intense rote learning from a young age but we didn’t want that for our son. The classes are well balanced with a good gender and ethnic mix.

One of the previous reviewers noted that the school did not meet her standards for cleanliness. Playschool is about as clean as several other preschools we saw in the area.
Its a Great Place!!!!

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Adugodi Koramangala 8th Block Vivek Nagar Kammana Halli