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1566, ఎ.ఈ.సి.ఎస్. లేయావుట్‌, సింగసంద్రా, కుడలు, ఇలేక్ట్రానిక్‌ సిటి, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560028, Karnataka
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Day Care Centre: యేస్
Credit Cards Accepted: నో
Play School: యేస్
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యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

Overall, this is an excellent school. My son went there last year, and the positives were many:
Beautiful facility and child-friendly environment
Caring teachers
Great activities at school
Regular events for parents, siblings and even grandparents. These gave all of my family members a chance to enjoy with my son at school.
The not- so -positives:
Admission kits were quite meager-there were very few items, compared to other schools, and the kits can be improved on.
Kit could also include more books.
However, these were very minor points, and the school more than made up for the loss of these items with their activities and events. Overall, I would recommend the school without a hitch!
This is a great school - welcoming and warm environment for kids, and lovely teachers! My son spent two years here and was very happy. He loved his teachers a lot, especially (insert some teacher’s name here)! At first, I did have concerns about the slow pace of writing. The school doesn't believe in putting small children under pressure to write. I was especially concerned about how he would cope in a mainstream school. He is now in UKG and writing with no problems. The school focuses heavily on personality development, social skills and language development, and all of those improvements are clear to see in my son now! 2 I sent my daughter to (insert center here) for her Nursery program and she loved it! They took great care of her ... మరిన్ని చూడండి
I first admitted my son into Jumbo Kids for the Nursery program, and he just finished Junior KG this year. It has been a great experience. Initially I was quite concerned, because there is absolutely no book-based writing in the Nursery program, and I was worried about how he would cope with writing in Junior KG. The writing pace in Junior Kindergarten was quite slow at the beginning, but I have found it to be quite right for my child. By the end of the year, he was able to complete all his writing milestones, which was good enough for me. Overall, I like their child-friendly, slow-paced teaching style, which really lets children be children, and enjoy their preschool years, without placing them in a heavy pressure- cooker style envi ... మరిన్ని చూడండి
We chose Podar Jumbo Kids for our daughters Nursery program this year. Very child-centric approach that places no pressure on kids and yet encourages learning. There were very few books in the admission kit, but I don't believe school books are necessary for a Nursery child anyway. In any case, the school had a well-equipped library with frequent book sessions every month. I did not want a high-pressure environment for a 2.5 year-old, and the school provided the easy-paced, yet effective learning system that other branded schools only talk about.
After a lot of investigations into preschools, I chose Jumbo Kids for my son’s playschool. I have been happy with the choice so far. Bright and welcoming facility, with cheerful teachers. Security is top- notch and they have a good system in place for pickups and drop offs, which was quite reassuring for me.
Prior to joining, I was informed that there would be a snack menu every week and snacks would have to adhere to the chart. This was difficult for us and it was the only negative we had. Planning snacks daily was a major tsk for us, since the options were limited and we are non-vegetarians. (The school only allows veg food.) Other than that, it was a great experience, and my son loved the activities and his teacher!
I had a good experience at Podar Jumbo Kids. Excellent environment, child-friendly activities, and caring teachers. The headmistress was always available if we had a concern. The only issue we has was with their daily snack menu which only allowed vegetarian food, and banned Maggi, Kurkure, Lays and other foods from school. I found it difficult to send appropriate snack items to school, because almost everything that my son likes to eat was banned from his snack box. I think they can be a little flexible about snacks since so many children are fussy about food these days. I understand that junk food is bad for kids and this is the reason for the strict snack plan, but some parents will find it difficult to pack snacks, especially ... మరిన్ని చూడండి
My daughter went to Podar Jumbo Kids this year for Nursery.
First, the good part- they have a good curriculum that doesn’t place too much pressure on kids and lets them be kids. All activities were enjoyed by my child, and the teachers took good care of her.
The negatives – they don’t allow daycare parents to send food from home for their kids. That makes it difficult for a child who is used to eating only certain foods at home and can’t adjust to the standard school menu. However, by the end of the year, my child has begun to develop a taste for certain vegetables which she used to hate earlier, so not sending food actually worked out for the best in a way.
Good environment, kids will like very much.
The interiors are children friendly. My child liked the ambiance. It is a good brand which is known for its quality education. I am sure my kid is in safe hands.
Good infrastructure and good curriculum.