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3023, 8టీ.హెచ్. క్రోస్, 13టీ.హెచ్. మైన్, హెచ్.ఎ.ఎల్., ఇందీరా నగర్ 2ఎన్.డి. స్టేజ్, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560008, Karnataka
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Day Care Centre: నో
Play School: యేస్
Credit Cards Accepted: మాస్టర్‌కార్డ్, విజా, విజా ఇలేక్ట్రాన్
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Genie Kids: At Geniekids, children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, work together, and evaluate themselves. Geniekids targets the 3 to 13 age range, and acquiring knowledge through independent learning, honing intelligence through activities based on all the eight Multiple Intelligences, and developing social skills through group work and team projects. During My Time, children choose and explore activities of their choice. Theme Time exposes children to specific themes through education kits, books, and computers. Geniekids has a well-stocked library. They also conduct fun-based learning programmes through the holidays.

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I did a 10 days parenting workshop "Jagriti" at Geniekids. It made me realize that there is no need to make your child carry your thinking baggage on his/her back. Through this course i explored how joyous this journey of parenting can be. Now, i have registered for their advance course "Train the Trainer". I am hoping to dig deeper into the relationship of " Parent - Child"...I strongly recommend TTT for parents to bring positive changes in themselves and their children's lives.
Their training called Train the trainer was simply out of this world. It gave me perspectives of my children & more importantly myself that I didnt have before.
how is the training here?

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Frazer Town Murugesh Palya Ulsoor St. John's Road