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దల్ రోతి

139, 2ఎన్.డి. క్రాస్‌, 24టీ.హెచ్. మేయిన్, జె.పి నగర్‌ 2ఎన్.డి. ఫేజ్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560078, Karnataka
ఆపోజిట్‌ ఎల్.ఐ.సి. బిల్డింగ్‌
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Catering: యేస్
Home Delivery: నో
Amenities: ఆవుట్‌డోర్ సేటింగ్
Valet Parking: నో
Alcohol: నో
Veg/Non-Veg: వేజ్
Food coupons accepted: సోదేక్షో, టికేట్ రేస్ట్రాంట్
Credit Cards Accepted: నో
AC,Non AC: నన్ ఎ.సి.
Cuisine: మల్టి-కూసిన్ , నోర్థ్ ఇన్డియన్‌
ఎడిటర్ యొక్క గమనిక
Dal Roti: Dal Roti is a simple joint, offering a range of simple and staple diet of North India. Some days, if youre just bored of cooking, you can always drop by for some delicious Sarson ka Saag or Dum ka Kumbh. Dal Roti as the name signifies predominantly offers North Indian cuisine, but also has Chinese on the menu as well.

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Dal-Roti is a place where we can get the taste of home-made foods..price is also reasonable...quality of the food s also good..can try this place...
Dal Baati is awesome and Regular thaali is the best :)
I usually go there...and all the time the taste of food find better..
Cleanerino! Tasty, home-made-ish, hygienic and quickly-freshly served north Indian food. You barely get this combination!
Value for money, clean and quick

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