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అపోలో క్రేడల్ హాస్పిటల్

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25, 46టీ.హెచ్. క్రాస్‌, జయా నగర్‌ 5టీ.హెచ్. బ్లాక్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560011, Karnataka
నియర్‌ క్యాఫే కాఫీ దే
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Stool Test: యేస్
Urine Test: యేస్
Treadmill Test: యేస్
24 Hours: యేస్
Optical Test: యేస్
Blood Tests: యేస్
Nerve & Vein Test: యేస్
X-Ray: యేస్
Heart Test: యేస్
Lungs Test: యేస్
Scan: యేస్
Specialization: జేనరల్ సర్జరి, ల్యాప్యారోస్కోపి, వ్యాస్కల్యార్ సర్జరి, ప్లాస్టిక్ సర్జరి, ఓంకోలోగి, గస్త్రోయేఁతేరోలోగ్య్, ఇంఫేర్టిలిటి, మటర్నిటి, గీనేకోలోగి ఎండ్ అరోగీనేకోలోగి, నేవ్నతోలోగ్య్, బ్రేస్ట్ కేయర్‌, పిడియ్ట్రిక్స్, అరోలోగి, ఓతోలర్యఁగోలోగ్య్, ఆరథోపేడిక్స్, డేర్మ్యాటోలోగి, కోస్మేటోలోగి, సైకియ్ట్రి, ఫీజియ్దేర్యాపి
Credit Cards Accepted: మాస్టర్‌కార్డ్, విజా, విజా ఇలేక్ట్రాన్
cash, credit card

సమీక్షను వ్రాయండి

యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

Care manager Mrs Lahshmi, all the sisters and staff very cooperative and took nice care of mother & Baby, thanks......
Very Good hospital..far better than Cloud 9 in terms of care and money...I hope it remains the same as its changed to.."Apollo Cradle."
I visited Dr. Pavithra who is Consultant Dermatologist at The Lady Hospitals. I had rashes over my skin. It hardly took 3 days for my rashes to heal completely. I think this is one of the best hospitals in Jayanagar.
I needed consultation for various specialities like dermatology, obstetrics, breast care and psychology. I was confused and needed an ideal hospital. One of my friends suggested me The Lady Hospitals. I had an impression that The Lady Hospital is only a maternity Hospital. Hence I confirmed whether the required specialities are available. I was surprised to know that it has more than 15 specialities. I immediately took an appointment and visited the hospital. It was a pleasant experience as the hospital had a beautiful ambiance with welcoming and pleasant staff at the reception. I consulted various doctors with the respective specialities and I am happy to share that the doctors are very generous and knowledgeable. I have been visiting 'The ... మరిన్ని చూడండి

My experience at the Lady Hospital so far has been beyond expectations. I have not received such a good service at well known hospitals like Apollo and Fortis as well.

The ambiance, infrastructure and most importantly the staff attitude is excellent. Every employee of the Lady Hospital right from the security guard to the doctors to the nurses are friendly and homely. Special mention for my doctor Dr.Rashmi Yogish, who is the most positive, energetic and knowledgeable doctor I have come across. The staff to mention a few, Mr.Nagesh, Ms.Tenzin, Mr.Hassan, Ms.Navya are highly cordial. Thumbs up to the management of the Lady Hospital for recruiting such employees/consultants.

Gunjan Manish

The Lady hospitals provide best Cosmetic Surgery in Bangalore & complete 24/7 in-house diagnostic center is very convenient.
The lady hospitals is one of the best hospitals avaialble in Bangalore South. They have well trained staffs the doctors here are experienced and the facalities which they provide is awesome.

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