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కళామందిరం, లలితకళామందిరం, శిల్పప్రదర్శనశాల
 08040723800, 08022219275
38, మైంనే సదన్‌, 7టీ.హెచ్. క్రాస్‌, లావేల్ రోడ్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560001, Karnataka
నియర్‌ హోటల్‌ రామా
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Credit Cards Accepted: మాస్టర్‌కార్డ్, విజా, విజా ఇలేక్ట్రాన్
ఎడిటర్ యొక్క గమనిక
Gallery-G: Whether you want to add to your art collection or just appreciate some of the finest contemporary Indian art, walk into Gallery G. A quiet sanctuary for the art connoisseur right in the centre of town, Gallery G is easily accessible from any part of Bangalore. Host to a colourful palette of exhibitions by both established and budding artists, its a good place for those of you who are starting your art collections. The gallery has been designed to optimize natural lighting and has a unique display system that makes for great viewing. Open Monday to Saturday, 10 am 6 pm.

సమీక్షను వ్రాయండి

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