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Antiques: యేస్
Government approved: యేస్
ఎడిటర్ యొక్క గమనిక
Himalayan Dowry: For beautiful and authentic Kashmiri handicrafts head here. Himalayan Dowry brings to Bangalore a wide array of beautiful Kashmiri handicrafts. Choose from fashion jewellery, Pashmina shawls, Kashmiri silk, woollen and oriental carpets, painted handicrafts, and of course the beautiful objects made from hand-painted paper mache. The interesting name comes from a 14th century ritual where during a marriage the boys family gave a Himalayan stone as dowry to the girls family. The girl could return the stone if she did not accept the proposal.

సమీక్షను వ్రాయండి

యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

manufacturers/wholesalers in:-
pashmina shawls /stoles,embroidery shawls/stoles/jackets,
silk carpets,woolen carpets,ladies leather bags,
ladies tops,needle work suites,jamawaras,silk sarees,
silk scarfs,papermachei items, wall hangings,bed covers,
and other handicrafts.


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