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బేగుమ్స్ బీరీయని

 08025275166, 08041155977
7, నంజున్దేశ్వారా కామ్ప్ల్యాక్స్, న్యూ థిప్పాసన్ద్ర, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560075, Karnataka
ఆపోసిట్ చేమ్మనుర్ జేవేలర్స్
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Catering: యేస్
Home Delivery Radius: 3 కె.ఎమ్.ఎస్.
Home Delivery: యేస్
Amenities: నాట్ అవైలేబల్
Valet Parking: నో
Alcohol: నో
Home Delivery Call: 25275166
Veg/Non-Veg: నన్-వేజ్
Food coupons accepted: సోదేక్షో, టికేట్ రేస్ట్రాంట్
Credit Cards Accepted: యేస్
AC,Non AC: నన్ ఎ.సి.
Cuisine: బిర్‌యాని , ఇన్డియన్‌ , ముఘ్లై

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యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

Tried grill chicken n kalmi kabab here..it was spicy n tastier..ambiance s not very well maintained.. i suggest ... home delivery will be best option..limited items for vegetarians..its better if only non vegetarians visit this place...only 1 waiter will be there in this place to serve the order, if we wanna order more items we need to shout n call the waiter each n everytime..and he takes the max..amount of time to serve ur order..pathetic service...!!! visit this place if u have more patience..

I ordered Non Veg Thali.Normally the restaurant is know to provide food which is spicy. Today the Non veg Thali is as sweet as possible.Possible they have added Jaggery


What nonsense prasen ive been a patron to this place for nearly 4yrs now never ever have i ever come across anything like this.. get your facts right before commenting.i even know the supplier of meat here its impossilble for you to claim this.
all food lovers must try this place for its simplicity and taste.
Prasen, do you know the difference between mutton and beef? I have been eating mutton biriyani at Begums for the past 8 years and never have i come across anything other than mutton. Please dont comment on something if you dont have any knowledge about it.
My advice for people who eat only Chicken & Mutton, please don't visit this restaurant. They serve beef in mutton biriyani.
This thing happened with my own experience.
"Trust me"
Grill Chicken is awesome, no other restaurant in Bangalore can even come near to it. Yummy Yummy


Hi Guys the Grill Chicken is awesome, Its very tasty I don't think any restaurant in Bangalore makes such a Juicy Chicken. You need to visit the restaurant and taste it to believe.

First of all above info is wrong or outdated.The phone number is 41155977 and not 41159977 and they do accept food coupons.As far as the food is concerned its tooo good.Especially the mutton biriyani and chkn lollips.And the other cuisine is also geat.

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