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గోల్డేన్ స్కై మోటర్స్

బైక్ డీలర్స్
114, పమ్మల్ మేయిన్ రోడ్‌, పమ్మల్, చేన్నయి - 600075, Tamil Nadu
నియర్‌ రేట్టపీల్లేయర్ కోవిల్‌


Services: యేస్
Authorized Dealer Of: బజాజ్ ఆటో

సమీక్షను వ్రాయండి

యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

I personally had a bad experience with the so called respectable dealer Jai Bajaj
One of the worst dealer.. I haven't seen such a rude personality in my entire life. They promised me tat they will provide me with some accessories during the first service and they were literally torturing me everyday asking me to buy the bike. I paid hard cash and bought the bike from them. They did not inform me about the first service date and they never called to remind me about the service date. When i took my bike for 1st service, they told me that my 1st service time is over and so they will not do free service. Also they told me that since the 1st service time has expired they wont evn provide the free accessories they promised. Am totally pissed off. I need to write a complaint to consumer service. Please dont buy form these stup ... మరిన్ని చూడండి

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