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ఇన్ద్రప్రస్థ్ శాపింగ్ సేన్టర్‌

షాపింగ్ కాంప్లెక్స్
ఎస్.వీ. రోడ్‌, బోరివలి వేస్ట్‌, ఎమ్.యు.ఎమ్.బి.ఎ.ఐ. - 400092, Maharashtra
నియర్‌ బోరివలి రేల్వే స్టేశన్‌
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Parking: యేస్

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To Property Manager, Dear Sir, This is a direct proposal to your esteemed organisation for office space for lease. We have 700 Sq Ft Office Space / Retail Space in upmarket Raghuleela Mall with an average daily footfall of 20000 plus visitors It is ready to move in space for Retails and with a few modifications can work for corporate office. The Retail showroom has the following facilities inbuilt 150 Sq Ft Loft 1 Changing Room 45 Overhead Lights Centrally Airconditioned 150 Glass Shelves 3 Glass Tables 1 Office Chair 1 Cash Counter Music System This is a prestigious location and gives you the immense advantage of being near by to a posh locality Mahavir Nagar in Kandivali and Saibaba Nagar in Borivali. We are o ... మరిన్ని చూడండి

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ఇన్ద్రప్రస్థ్ శాపింగ్ సేన్టర్‌ లొ షాపులు

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