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ఠాకుర్‌ మాల్, 2ఎన్.డి. ఫ్లోర్‌, మిరా భయందర్ న్యాశనల్‌ హైవే, దహీసర్‌ ఈస్ట్‌, ముంబయి - 400068, Maharashtra
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Brands: డిశ్ టీ.వీ.
Furnishing services: యేస్
Accessories & Parts: నో
Consumer Durables: యేస్
Services: నో
Type: హోమ్ ఫర్నిచర్, ఆఫిస్ ఫర్నిచర్
Products: హోమ్ ఎన్టేర్టేంమేన్ట్, కిచేన్ అప్లాయన్సేస్
Type Of Furniture: బీన్ బ్యాగ్స్, బేడ్‌రూమ్, హోమ్, కిచేన్, ఆఫిస్, సోఫాస్
Brands: స్యామ్సంగ్, ఫిలిప్స్, ఓన్దియా, ఎలేక్ట్రోలక్స్
Products Other: హోమ్ థియేటర్, డి.వీ.డి. ప్లేయర్, ఎల్.సి.డి. టీ.వీ., ఆడియో సిసటమ్, సి.డి. ప్లేయర్, డిజిటల్ క్యామ్కోర్డేర్, డిజిటల్ క్యామెరా, ఎమ్.పి.3 ప్లేయర్, ఎమ్.పి.4 ప్లేయర్స్, పోర్ట్యాబ్ల్ ఆడియో, రేఫ్రిజరేటర్, వాశింగ్ మశీన్, అయర్ కోండిశనేర్, చిమ్ని, డ్రై ఆయ్‌రన్, గైస్‌ స్టోవ్, హేయర్ డ్రీయేర్, హెండ్ బ్లండర్, మైక్రోవేవ్, మిక్సర్, పోపుప్ టోస్టర్
Furnishings: బ్లైండ్స్, డ్రాప్‌రైస్, అఫోల్స్టేరి

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Ambrosia TV unit is one of our many purchases from Housefull.co.in. It was purchased before Diwali and definitely added a glimmer on our console during the festive season. The purchase procedure on website is very smooth. The product was delivered on time. Overall I am happy with their products.
I bought bedroom storage furniture from Housefull.co.in. The product quality is too good. I wondered that I got my product delivery within a week, the whole team of Housefull Furniture is very cooperative and they respond very quickly of my query. They have huge verity of furniture products in very affordable rates .I am very happy with Housefull Furniture.
I am sharing my positive experience of Housefull Furniture. I have purchased a Wall shelf for my Kitchen from Housefull.co.in. It was looking beautiful on website, so I placed the order for it. But when I received it there is slightly difference in the color. The color provided on the website was vibrant than the actual product. May be its because of my PC resolution. The product is sturdy and I liked the quality of the product. Overall good experience with Housefull Furniture.
Housefull.co.in is one of the best online furniture shops in India. They have the best quality furniture's with so many categories like kitchen, living room, dining, office, etc. The website is somewhat different compare to other ecommerce websites. Even the navigation is very easy. I have ordered a TV Unit from the website and received it quickly within a week. The quality of TV Unit is very good. Overall I have had amazing experience with Housefull Furniture.
I have ordered a single bed from Housefull.co.in. Although the delivery was delayed by a day all the rest of it was as promised. We have been using it for a little over a year now with no issues. They also have good verity of furniture products. All the products are available on affordable rates. Product quality is awesome with no doubt. I am sure I will purchase some more furniture from Housefull Furniture in Future.
I was looking for sofa from my local stores but they were not good in quality and design. They were providing low quality furniture. One of my relative recommended me about Housefull.co.in. He was ordered a dining set from Housefull Furniture and it was very well in design and quality was very nice. I visit this site and I see they have very attractive design of sofa bad and all kinds home furniture as well. I choose a fabric sofa set and placed the order. I got it within 20 days. I was happy to see the best designer sofa set that I have bought. I like their service. The customers service is very nice and friendly. I recommended this for best quality furniture. They are best in service.
I am writing this review on behalf of my mom. She has bought a storage unit for kitchen from Housefull.co.in. She is happy and satisfied with the furniture. No issues with the delivery. From placing the order to product delivery all the process was smooth. They delivered the product with safe packaging and the product quality is good. We will buy some more furniture products in future only from Housefull Furniture for sure.
I am sharing my personal experience of Housefull.co.in. I have bought a single bed from Housefull.co.in. The product quality was much better. The Bed is really looks nice in my Bedroom. I bought this bed in very nominal price from Housefull Furniture. Their customer services are also very supportive. I am very happy with my furniture shopping from Housefull.co.in.
I wanted to buy a good quality bean bag. Recently I visited housefull.co.in. I searched many sites and then I landed on this website which makes me feel happy with their varieties in Bean Bag and the rates are also reasonable. Then I placed a order for bean bag. The product reached to my home on time and I got the best quality bean bag. I am looking forward to buy some more future products from Housefull Furniture and I really want to thank The Housefull Team for their service.
I like Housefull.co.in for the furniture shopping. I bought some furniture online from Housefull.co.in. They all were in good quality and still look so amazing. One year ago I have bought a corner table, bedside table and a bean bag from Housefull furniture. I got all the products in best quality. I faced some problem in delivery but their customer care team supported me and helped me to get every information about my product shipping and delivery. I am impressed with them. Now I am happy with my decision for purchasing furniture from Housefull Furniture.
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