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Tips & Tricks for dealing with Real Estate Agencies & Brokers businesses
  • When it comes to buying or selling real estate you always have the option of doing it alone. But with something as complicated as real estate, it's best to go to an expert.
  • Find out the area of expertise – does the agent deal with mainly renting of houses or do they have experience buying and selling as well?
  • You will be able to gauge their expertise when you have a conversation. You can also get an idea of their network depending on the amount of time they take to line up properties or potential buyers.
  • Check the agents’ reputation; go through the list of properties they deal with and the kind of services they provide.
  • Find out the commission that the agents charges. According to whether you are buying or selling or renting property the commission varies.
  • While buying property, find out if registration and other paperwork will be handled completely by the agent. Also check of payment for this is included in the commission discussed.
  • Make sure there is a written contract regarding the payment details especially if there has been a change in the commission rates discussed.
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