About AskLaila

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Familiar, everyday questions asked by mankind since the dawn of time.

Some people even applied the questions to life itself.

Mostly, they were chaps with long beards, and an aversion to finishing their baths. They called themselves "Philosophers", and sat cloistered in libraries,while the rest of us got on with the business of life itself.

But enough of the past.

Today, we need more answers, faster.
More importantly, we need them to be more relevant.

Enter, the Internet. Which helps. But does it do all it can? We, didn't think so.

We felt the Internet could do a lot more to provide information not just about Indian websites, but about real-world India.

The Net, we felt, ought to provide you the answers to question like:

Where to get the best Chinese food in town
What the number of nearest pub is
Who to call on a Sunday when the flush overflows
How to get to places, and even
Why you might love to go shopping in the city

And what we came up with, you now know as Laila.

Metaphorically speaking, we didn't invent the wheel.
We didn't even try and make the wheel, better.
We chucked all that wheel business, and built something original.

To know the answers now, all you need to do is asklaila.

The story doesn't end there. We're constantly evolving. Improving. (As you can see for yourself, at our blog.) Most of all though, we're counting on you, your feedback and interaction, to help make us better.

Welcome to the party.

Laila and gang.