Frequently Asked Questions

What is asklaila?

The one-stop local information shop for India. If you're looking for something specific, or just plain curious to see what's happening around town, you'll find all the answers here. From pasta joints to plumbers and theatres, dance, drama to chaat-waalas, you'll get all the essential info. you need - contact numbers, landmarks, hours of operation.  And that's not all. You can browse articles and reviews, trade gossip, find reviews and lots more. All, in easy to share mode, through SMS or e-mail.  

So who is this Laila, anyway?

Think of Laila, as the girl next door. No. Not that one. The other one. The nice one. The one who's young enough for you to talk to, but old enough, to know a whole lot about the city. Like where to get the best Chinese food. She gives you the advice you need, when you need it. And she's fun to spend time with. 

How does all this work?

You'll find the more time you spend on asklaila, the better the answers get. We like to think of it as Laila's learning curve. One that you, help to grow. You see, it's your reviews, your ratings, and your questions that help us improve. And we're always looking to improve.  

You can write a little about yourself and upload a pic to make sure others recognize the great reviewer when they see you on the street.

How do I get started?

Ideally, we'd like you to take just a minute to login/register (it's free) and tell us a bit about yourself. Perhaps even put up a pic.  

If you just can't wait to get started, however, you can skip ahead and start getting some answers. 

Feel free to take a test drive, if you like. Type in a few queries about your city, that you never thought you'd find answered online. Like the contact information for a mechanic, for example. (Or an electrician, a vet.)  

Chances are, you've tried this before, on other search engines. Chances are, you probably didn't find what you needed.  

So go ahead, give Laila a spin, and we're pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

How can Laila help me?

Like we said earlier, Laila knows the city. So picture this. You're late for a party. You're going to be even later, because you're not quite sure how to get there. Just type in the name of the place, and get the help you need. And it's the same, from shopping, to salsa classes. If you need to know stuff about your city, just asklaila. For most cities, Laila would help you find movie showtimes, and events happening in and around your city! 

And, of course, you can share this information for free!

How can I help laila?

Believe it, you can help. In fact, we sort of count on you, and lot more people like you. We're looking to you, as an expert to give us reviews of your favourite hangouts. And rate the reviews other users put up. In fact, if you think we can make things work better, tell us all about it.  

You can also suggest listings - your favourite place to eat; a service you find helpful, anything at all - and we'll include the information. Or, if you spot an error that's crept in, despite our best efforts, help us correct the listing.

How do the articles work?

Simple. Say you're looking for Mediterranean food, or Kashmiri handicrafts, or woolen sweaters, or whatever. You turn to Laila. And, of course, you get the answers you need. You also get a lot more. We provide you with concise, well written, well researched articles/editorials, on topics that are relevant to your search. Which means you don’t just know where to get what you want, you know a lot more about it, too.

How can I bookmark/tag an article/listing I find useful?

Its as easy as ordering a pizza. Just click on the 'bookmark' button next to a listing/movie/event/article you find useful to your personalized social bookmarks, via delicious, furl, spurl google bookmark, etc. You could also share it via facebook and let your friends know what you like best!

What about other cities?

Let's slot this one under 'Coming Soon'. Laila and gang are in the process of getting the low down on all the major cities in India. So keep checking in, we'll let you know as soon as your city is on the list.

Help! I forgot my password!

Right. First things first, don't panic. Just click on the 'Login' link on the top right hand corner, select 'Forgot password' and provide your email, then check your email for your new password, and everything will be all right.  

How do I get featured on the front page?

Laila picks a couple of profiles, everyday, which we consider front page material. The best way to make our own little Hall of fame? Write loads of genuine reviews, and upload your favourite pic of yourself.  

Will I ever get spam from askaila?

Look. Let's get one thing straight. We hate spam as much as you do. Laila only sends you emails/SMSs which YOU ask to receive, or to which you subscribe. In fact, soon, you'll be able to control all e-mail/SMSs using your profile settings. So stay tuned.

How can I win prizes/gifts from laila?

Pretty much the same way you get on the front page. Contribute to Laila's learning curve, write a lot of meaningful reviews, perhaps even suggest a few listings we didn't know about. Maybe you could share a little insider knowledge. And be the FIRST to review a lot of listings. Laila has Early Bird giveaways, for the first 50 reviewers