Get your Wedding Invitations Printed Online

Getting wedding invitations printed can be a hassle, what with all the running around that organizing a wedding already comes with. Here’s an easy way to take care of your printing woes without leaving your home.  Choose your wedding invitation online. 

Here are one stop shops that deal wholly with wedding invitations only- Indian Wedding All you need to do is go to this website choose or create your own cards. These moderately priced wedding cards services take from anything between 5-6 days for delivery anywhere within the country, only after repeated design and quality confirmations.

You can select from an array of designs from scroll invitations to designer cards. And the choices are plenty too; with 26 catalogues to choose from at Indian wedding you could either make your pick or create your own design. 

Some other options to try are Parekh Cards, 123 Wedding Cards, Indian Wedding Invitations and My Shadi Cards .

For those who prefer tangibility to soft copies, you can try places like the Card Bazaar in Sultanpet. Their cards range from anything between Rs. 2 to 250. With over 500 designs viewable at their printing house, a visit to Card Bazaar will give you all the options you need to choose from. Having these numbers of designs Card Bazaar does not allow the facility to create your own card, but promise to deliver within 2 days of having confirmed on the design and quality check.

Also check here for more designers and printers.


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