Top International Schools in Chennai

In the wake of globalization, India is also gearing up to meet the world standards in every field. Since a nation's progress depends on the youth of the country, keeping them up-to-date with international standards has become very important. Almost all the major cities have quite a good number of international schools where children are given education which would help them to keep pace with the global requirements. Take a look at all the top international schools in Chennai to get some idea about what's best suited for your child.

Believing that each child should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love of learning, the Vael's Billabong High International School , one of the most popular international schools in Chennai has come up with a unique teaching experience. The school's curriculum ensures that it reaches beyond the I.C.S.E boundaries, so well-qualified and experienced teachers have been appointed to take care of the children who are given all the facilities which include: state-of-the-art science lab, art lab, well-stocked library, indoor auditorium, fully air-conditioned class-rooms, medical room, indoor gym and international standard swimming pool. Since healthy minds need healthy bodies, the students take part in a lot of sports like tennis, basketball, swimming, martial arts, western dance, bharathanatyam apart from playing chess, key-board and Indian vocal classical music. There are after-school activities like personality development, arts & crafts, theatre activities, brain development (SIP Academy), animation, puppetry along with special in-house counseling and education for children who need special attention.

To satisfy the aspirations of ambitious parents who want their children to to study under the curriculum and examination of the London University, the British International Higher Secondary School was established in the year 2005 in Chennai. The school was set up with the objective to give all children every opportunity to develop physically, academically and artistically along with a sense of virtue and strong values. The British International School has received accreditation from the famous Edexcel International, London University which gives students 'A' level qualification thereby facilitating easy entrance to all national universities as well as universities abroad. Each student is assessed on daily tests so that the teacher gets a regular feedback on the students and they are also required to take Career Aptitude tests to help determine the natural inclination of the students.

Established in the year 1995, the American International School is a non-profit, co-educational day school governed by a 7-member board of directors. The school offers a a college-preparatory program, leading to a U.S. High School Diploma curriculum which is taught by local, international as well as US hired faculty at the fully air-conditioned class-rooms with most study materials being imported from the U.S. The American International School boasts of a state-of-the-art air-conditioned Sports Hall which include indoor soccer, a fitness room, a full-size basketball arena, badminton and volleyball courts while the sport activities is completed with a 25-meter swimming pool, an outdoor basketball court, running tracks and soccer pitch. The school also has an annual musical production, art fair and sports exchange program with other international schools in the region.

With more and more students aspiring to go to college abroad, international schools are what they look out for. To find more international schools in Chennai, click here .

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