AC Market: Best bet for foreign goods

Do you remember the time, when one had to wait for a cousin or friend, returning from overseas, for a pair of jeans, a box of chocolates or some sexy after-shave lotion? And the excitement it caused, when you flaunted it? Most of us love foreign goods, and thankfully today the market is flooded with top international brands. However, the best one-stop destination in Kolkata for such goods is, indubitably, AC Market at Shakespeare Sarani.

This awesome fully air-conditioned shopping paradise is spread across four storeys and boasts of 2000 shops. The products range from cheap Chinese goods to expensive brands like Levis, Nike, Sony and Omega. Bargain hard and bag the best buys.

For cool outfits for your moppet at affordable rates check out Cotts Counter on the ground floor and Shyam Shree in the basement. If you are trousseau shopping, waltz your way to Supremo on the first floor and pick up trendy kurtas and sherwanis, including some real filmy outfits, like the dress Shah Rukh wore in “Hey Baby”. You can pick up a shirt for less than Rs 150, and yes these are not rejects or seconds.

The second floor is a gizmo freak's paradise. It heaves with all the latest obsessions: mobiles, Ipods, computers, gaming wares and other such interesting items. Enough to keep you hooked for hours.

Phoren maal at incredible rates? Got to be AC Market!