Movie Theatre
Mantri Square Mall, 3rd Floor, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560052, Karnataka
In Mantri Square Mall
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Reservation Number: 22667444
Multiplex: Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
cash, credit card

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Great Theater to watch with the family .
very good liked it
its very much fun watching movie
its not so good compare to other inxo which i have seen

Terrible management I must say. Went for the THOR 3d on screen 5 today (6th May) and after the interval movie started with a long gap in continuity. (Probably the operator forgot stopped the projection but forgot to to switch off the movie for playing forward).

The entire hall shouted for rewind rewind for about 5 minutes but no effect. 10 to 15 ppl got out to get hold of the Manager - who could not be found. After about 20 long minutes somehow the movie could be stopped and it restarted with the scene which was about 10 minutes before the interval.

Some other ppl said that they do it routinely so as to save on time. Pathetic I must say. Spoils the fun of watching cinema. Waste of Money.


yes the biggest mall it is but i call it as ma worst experience as i couldnt enjoy movie in gold class so u can just imagine wat could be the quality of normal or platinum
this multiplex sucks n got no sound effects n screen is worst i rate

The Mantri square is really superb & that tooo INOX very near to city really osum Thanks to Mantri......

Waiting to watch movie in INOX