Opus Restaurant

Palace Cross Road ,Bangalore
September 1, 2011
my friends and I drove down from chennai to bangalore to chill out in bangalore, particularly to do some karaoke in OPUS. since we were told the karaoke happens on wednesdays and saturdays, we infact cancelled our trip to kabini so that we dont miss OPUS. paid the entry of 110 bucks n got it ... couldnt find place by 9:20pm and the waiter wanted us to be seated in a corner but then another waiter was able to provide us a place when the other said it is reserved!! we moved on to order the drinks clearly mentioning that we needed two mocktails for some of the teetotallers with us .. n bingo brings the waiter, a mocktail with vodka!!! waiter doesnt accept his mistake and we agreed that we would tk the cmocktail! we were ask to register our names with the DJ and he took down our names and songs that we are to play. The kraokers were there singin one after the other, but not us. so went to chk with the DJ and was shocked to find that only my friend, myself n a couple of girls has been left in the list and ppl who registered after us has been allowed to sing! i was terribly hurt with that racist DJ and gently reminded about us ...then my friend was hesitantly called upon to sing and she indeed rocked! however after her, two others were called upon the stage ...and much to our shock that DJ says its over... i was the only one left out while i was almost in the middle of the list to perform... we went to talk it out with the guys in charge and a lady turns up and acted as though she is empathising with me while i knew she had no interest to know why that 'sick in the head' DJ dint allow me to perform.... crazy racist place i guess OPUS. we paid a huge overpriced bill for the alcohol we did not order and the food that we dint like and felt greatly humiliated! and suddenly a waiter snatches a fork that we dint use, from the table without excusing himself and crudely puts in into someone else's dinner plate!!! clumsy untrained work force. blew so many thousands of rupees for the worst experience of our lives. we were infact having a much better time singin together, before and after OPUS not while bein there!