Indira Nagar 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
June 18, 2009 Rating
Great place to chill on a weekend. My girlfriend and I frequent this place . We love the concept. Well all her gifts are painted at Claytopia. the clay painting is really addictive. It is a great concept. Very affordable. it costs anywhere between 190 to 500 according to what she chooses. I think they have moulds that are more expensive too, but we have never bought it. The food is fresh, filling and yummy. I order the chicken pasta, lamb burger or the crispy chicken burger. She always orders the chicken salad with less dressing. The chocolate mousse is rich and delicous. The desserts vary often. The coffees are good too. The pasta I order is the most expensive thing on the menu and it only costs Rs. 145 and it comes with garlic bread!!! Surprised, well the lamb burger is 80 bucks!!!!!! and tax, and it really hits the spot. fantastic!!! They say its lean meat as well!! I would recommend this place to anyone. I think it is our hidden treasure. We love it!!! I will be doing my girlfriends birthday party there, so i will comment on the packages they offer and how good they are once I do.