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Samsung Store

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
December 25, 2011 Rating
NEVER VISIT THIS SHOP, if you are looking for a better service/skilled sales team. I was in full good mood to buy samsung phone on samsung showroom and had enquired in almost all shops like universal/sangeetha etc before entering in to samsung showroom. I was looking for someone, who can guide me to buy this phone.But to my surprise, most of them where talking together near billing area.And to my good luck, a lady, Banu came to my help. Assurance: I started asking about mobile and price/offers. To my surprise, she offered me screen gaurd free if i buy samsung-s2. I dont want to buy in universal or sangeetha as there was a little price difference. I went for billing and to my shock, after billing Banu-sales lady says, no offers in this and we cannot give screen gaurd. I had no choice and i had take the phone as billing was done. I have good set of friends who would want to buy mobile in near future. And iam sure am not going to recommend this shop for sure as they do not bother to greet you/make you comfortable. Banu, and one more folk(claiming himself as Aslam as manager) were so lazy to service.I really pity the owner of the shop for keeping such a lazy team that too on a busy weekend.