jyothi shekhar

Sue's Food Place

Indira Nagar 1st Stage ,Bangalore
December 23, 2012 Rating
Awesome Food Tried this place for lunch today..btw,the name has been changed to"sue's food place".very homely place..decided on going 4 buffet..as for veg like me,d items on d menu were variety of salads, sweet banana fry,sweet bread,mashed tapioca,veg roll,veg pakoda,corn rice,normal rice,lentil stew,ivy gourd fry and 2 other curries..found dis menu refreshing from a normal buffet menu..as for non-veg,there was jeera pork,crab curry,jerky jamaican chicken,fish cutlet etc..my husband fell in love with the pork n crab curry..for desserts,there was banana cake,rum cake,fruits,and 3 other things..all of them were delicious.. in short, ambience: homely ..they play nice groovy carribean kind of music in the background which is very entertaining. food:delicious cleanliness:very clean(even the washroom's ) buffet price:400 rs including taxes definitely recommended..

Jawed Habib Hair And Beauty Salon

Koramangala 5th Block ,Bangalore
December 14, 2012 Rating
moral: never ever go here specially 4 a hair cut by "TAJ " hi..i went to this place 4 a hair cut after booking an appointmnt..i had specifically told them that this is my first time there and want a senior hairstylist..the lady called "renu " who answered the call told me all the hairstylists r professionals..anywayz,i got a hair stylist named " taj "...i asked him to give me a layer cut without reducing the length(i hve long hair).when we went for the hair wash itself,he started telling me how dry my hair was( like i dint know !!!!) and told me there would be no use in giving me a hairstyle if i cant maintain it..he claimed to used "wella" shampoo n conditioner whch didnot have any effect on my hair.[however,i hve been to "naturals" as well..and when they use "wella" for me,they used to use the conditioner for "xtremely dry hair"..so after the hairwash,the hair feels softers n smells heavenly as well..]..anywyz,after the hair cut,i asked him 2 style it wid inwrd curls..he strted telling me that use of blow dryer would dry my hair out more,hence he was using less of it..since i rarely use blow dryer,i told him it was fine..still,he dint even know how to style it..I was frustrated..i cant say all their stylists r bad just because of "1 rotten apple "..i had a bad experience wid "taj " ..i was not at all satisfied with the results..