Aquatica Water Park

24 Parganas (South) ,Kolkata
April 1, 2013 Rating
Upon arrival, signs were posted at the ticket counter that two major parts of the park, the wave pool and Lazy River, were closed. Yet tickets were not reduced. Upon inquiry about this matter, the ticket-walas said to come back tomorrow, when these "rides" would be open. (Yeah right. No sign of working on these rides was seen inside the park. Maybe in a few months?) Upon request and insistence, we got slightly reduced tickets. So my advice is to call before you go to make sure all rides are open and functioning. This is a good place to cool off on a hot day. The park was mostly patroned by groups of young men in their teens and 20s, few girls accompanied by their boyfriends, and children and parents. the rides are good for young children up to age 5, and those above 12 or so, as all the big rides had a minimum height requirement of four feet 6 inches. Thus, my 8 year old got really upset because she was not allowed to go on the big slides, yet there were no rides for her age group and height. She was kind of bored. Had the Wave Pool and and Lazy River been open, that would be have been better for her. Some of the slides are not built at the correct incline so you have to push yourself off at the end. (Duh). Thus, people at the end pushing themselve off are run into by the next person coming down. Also, my friend was hit hard in the face and neck by a mischevous man hiding out in the middle of a tunnel slide. Another ride had a sharp decline and I jerked my neck and it hurt for a few days afterward, so that could be very dangerous for some people. The park looks run down, old and there is trash everywhere. The sidewalks are dirty. The changing rooms and bathrooms were a little dirty, but not filthy. There was a large building with a veg restaurant that looked permanently closed. We went on a Friday and the lines were quite short.