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Figurine Fitness

Jaya Nagar 7th Block ,Bangalore
September 2, 2013 Rating
I've had a good experience with this gym. It has everything you need at a very good price. They have fantastic instructors who have weekly classes after work which I really enjoy. Close to work and friendly (though forceful) staff are always willing to help.

More Mega Store

Kukatpally ,Hyderabad
August 20, 2013 Rating
The offers are great at more.Megastore. Having a hypermarket next to where I stay is a blessing! It saves me a lot of time, energy & money.

More Mega Store

Kothapet ,Hyderabad
August 16, 2013 Rating
more.Megastore is the only place I shop from. Its extremely convenient because you get everything under one roof. The one thing I like a lot about this store is that they dont compromise on the quality of their products. Everything is top-notch and well-priced. I love this place.

Ittina Properties Private Limited

Koramangala 3rd Block ,Bangalore
May 28, 2013 Rating
I have been staying at Ittna Sarva for a while now and am quite settled down with my family. I have had this really good rapport with the builder whenever I used to come in to see the work in progress. So I got a few adjustments according to my preferences. Ittina have flourished in this field. The effort they put in is amazing and the work reflects quality, top-notch quality! My kids have ample of room to go around the cycle and spend time in the park in the evenings. Morning walks around the complex couldn't be more pleasurable. The whole area infers a sense of positivity. This is one house everyone dreams of having and I'm lucky to be residing in it. The up-standard living sinks in very well with our lavish lifestyle.