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Kun Honda

Adyar ,Chennai
September 17, 2013 Rating
I bought Honda CB Trigger last week. All your review helped me a lot. Even though I was not ready to go with Kun Honda, I had no other option. So I decided move every coin carefully. The very first thing I did was, engaged a single point of contact till delivery. Then I asked a clear quote (I had told that excluding quote price I would not pay even one rupee). Then the crucial part "BIKE DELIVERY DATE". I paid my advance, only after they said "WE HAVE BIKE IN OUR SHOWROOM AND ITS READY FOR DELIVERY." Earlier I had approached them for UNICORN, and they said, it will take minimum 20 days. So I skipped my plan. Come to point. I asked them for a specific date and they said, 14th Sep (3 days from booking) they can deliver. But I put pressure to give on 13th itself (So that they will know my urgency). I had missed to give my photo ID proof. But they didn't ask for that until I checked and gave back. So, its all about how much care we take. You should be aware of every single step and proceed with that. I kept to call every day regarding delivery (gently). Finally I got my bike on mentioned date. But without numbering and all. The next day I strikered myself. Or else you need to go to showroom after 6.30 PM. ACCESSORIES: I was not satisfied with the quality of accessories they give, like seat cover, tank cover. I recommend to go with some one else for accessories.