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January 8, 2014 Rating
Hi, Dont trust this store. I had bad experience servicing my iphone . I purchased my phone in US, so i did not have service in India. I went to velachery branch mr service cos my phone fell in water and had charging issues. First they estimated 2500 rs for board problem.. once they serviced, the home button was not working(which was working before) and charged 1500 rs extra.I paid whatever they asked for. I came back trusting them that this will work fine permanently because they assured that if had any problems, I shall bring back and get it fixed within one month. Within 2 days, i still faced charging issues and went them and asked to fix it for that they had charged 2000 more stating same board problem. Those guys who treated me well before paying money started behaving like gundas..I some how fought and convinced them to fix it for free, but when i went back home and checked the problem was not resolved. I believe they did not even touch my phone... for name sake they accepted and returned back I came back again, they said many reasons like technician not available , no warranty and told me to come back again some day. I believe they had replaced my authentic parts with their duplicate parts. Trust me I have wasted money, energy and got nothing back. POOREST SERVICE, CHEATERS !!!! PLS AVOID THIS STORE WHATSOEVER .