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Brigade Road ,Bangalore
January 23, 2010
How I wish I had a camera so that I could share a few pics of this popular economy pub, from Bangalore, for nothing else but to send a few pointers to the pubs in Mumbai and Delhi on how to run an awesome place and yet keep the prices at a moderate level. Mojo's defines a typical Banaglorean pub, with low lighting, blaring music, and awesome house beer. Of course, the neccessity of taste buds tittilating accompaniments goes without saying, and Mojo's accomplishes that with elan. Don't trust me? Just give their peanut masala a shot. Interestingly, in my few years' worth of pubbing, i have never come across a single place who serve popcorn along with the beer. Yes, you read that right. But I must say, it wasn't bad at all. A nice change from the regular "starters". Where is it? -------------- As directed by Google Maps above, Mojo's is right on the Brigade Road and Residency Road intersection, squished in between the petrol pump and Earthen Oven. Ambience ------------ The moment you enter, you get greeted by a series of wooden seating, which are well organized and are pretty cozy and snug too. However, you are more likely to get enticed by the low seating on the mezzanine, which succeeds in emanating a lounge feeling. Mojo's is actually an up-market version of the decade-old popular pub, Peco's. While Peco's is a bit cramped, Mojo's is spacey and has lots of room for movement. The walls around are riddled with a lot of pictures from retro Bangalore. According to my companion, they were donated by the regulars of the pub. The lighting is low and the interior is artistic. They also play unlimited Retro music, quite unlike the classic Rock in Peco's. However, a word of caution here. This is no place for quaint conversation since the music is too loud and makes it pretty impossible to hear even yourself, let alone your companion. I know what you are wondering about. Nah, they don't have a dance floor :-) Food and Beverages -------------------------- Yes, moving onto the most important part of all, here's a dampener. In case you aren't a beer guzzler, Mojo's is definitely not the place for you. Yes, they serve only house beer, that's Kingfisher Draught. But, it's wonderful, and yet dirt cheap. Some of their must-try recipes are Chicken Stew Appam, Beef Tacos and Chicken Pepper Steak. And yes, they do serve the best Dosas I have ever tasted, in my life! The Beef Tacos were a tad chewy for my taste. But then again, I am primarily a white meat (read, bird meat) consumer. As for the steak, I would ideally have liked some flavor of mustard in my mashed potato, but I am guessing by now you must have figured how fussy I am, about my food. Oh yes, before I forget, I have also heard people praising the Chinese food in here, although I didn't try it out myself. And, in case you are a fan of black pepper, Bangalore just might not be the city for you because everyone here keeps white pepper on the table. Yes, it's an excuse of pepper, I know. The Verdict -------------- All in all, if you don't mind the beer and appreciate good food, you can not be in Bangalore and miss Mojo's. It's a tribute to Bangalore's pub culture.


M.G Road ,Bangalore
January 11, 2010
Guys, it'd have been really helpful if your shared the estimated dining costs. Moreover, what about coming up with a provision for uploading the menu cards in pdf format?