October 2, 2014
I had Recently visited and Orthopedic Surgeon at the Trimurti General Hospital Gogol as i had a fall which i was told was a hairline fracture according to the doctor for which he charged me 2000 Rs for Consultation just for telling me that i had a hairline fracture, In total including the Xray, cast and medicines My fall cost me around 4500 . The thing that shocked me most was the consultation charges 2000 Rs for Consultation that was some kinda joke even in Apollo or any expensive Hospitals the normal Consultation charges would be 500 Rs max for Consultation, I rechecked my hand after getting the Cast off at another hospital i showed the doctor the Xray i had taken at Trimurti hospital and he looked at me and said your previous xray was normal you dint need the cast . I would never Suggest anybody to go to Trimurti hospital, So watch out where you go to get treated ,make sure they treat you for your illness and not get treated at the cost of your illness.