NUSI Wockhardt Hospital

Salcette ,Goa
May 22, 2015 Rating
Pathetic service, greedy management, inexperienced and downright stupid staff, ignorant administration. This place is a nightmare if you are a old helpless patient in wheelchair. They will make you run round and round regardless of your age, physical or mental condition. I had a hip replacement done here by a visiting surgeon. I only chose this place because we liked the surgeon and he was locally available. but it was kept from us that the doctor had mover permanently elsewhere and wont be available after operation. We ended up paying the highest price for this operation in all of India and never got to see the surgeon again after surgery , not even for 1 follow up. Plus received shitty service even after paying loads of cash. The nurses here are like straight out of school and so dumb they gave me a skin infection because they didnt do a patch test before using a hair removal cream. The painful rashes i got lasted me several weeks after surgery. The staff looks friendly but are stupid and never know what to do. My daughter had to run after nurses every night and even track my medicine as they gave grossly wrong treatment to the patient next door. They even neglected my schedule so we were being careful. The bill we received was way more than expected and were asked to pay on the spot. Even though the staff knew 2 days before my discharge date that we were way over our insurance limit, they did not bother to inform us and we extended our stay thinking that we were covered. Not to mention even after paying hefty sums of money, I was given poor diet every day. When my daughter complained, still the dietician kept giving same food every day which killed my appetite. Even for follow up visits, I struggled so much with this hospital. At time of my discharge, i had to do a thyroid test which came out extremely abnormal. So they did the tests again to make sure those values were not incorrect. But the concerned doctor was never available to discuss final results. So i never received the results of these tests. One month later, i decided to get thyroid tested again as i was in discomfort so for one final time, i visited again. i had to do these tests again prescribed by the same doctor Prithi, and without looking at my records, she made the same mistakes again. And again i was asked to do the test to check abnormal values a fourth time. This time i lost the patience and moved to another hospital. My husband was also given incorrect diagnosis for his blood sugar levels. When he got himself checked in another place, his tests came out totally different. I am not sure what these people do here. The pharmacy staff is so dumb that it shows in their faces. Show them a bank card instead of cash and they look at you like you are asking for their blood. The girls there move like toads and will take ages to generate a simple invoice. I never got my refund back for a medicine i returned because it was paid by card. Upon making several complaints to senior management, all i got in the name of response was a 'thankyou for your feedback' cue. I wouldn't bother writing such a review if it wasn't for the anger and frustration I have. And I wouldn't wish on any other patient in India to suffer like this. Hence the review. Simply stay away from here if you do not wish to leave your loved ones in the hands of a couple of school kids being managed by greedy businessmen.