All City Packers And Movers

thane-west ,Thane
March 29, 2017 Rating
Bullet points for those who don;t want to go through lengthy review: 1. They are also operating under name of SOUTHEREN CARGO PACKERS AND MOVERS. 2. Look at there "contact us" page of website. All cities have same contact number with some fictious name. 3.They arrange for packers, transporters, loaders on the go.No permanent employees.Just 3 persons basically runs the show. 4. Sweet talker, polite and will point to naunces of the industry and tell how they are different but at the end they are actually the cons whom they scare you about. 5. Pathetic after sales service. No response to calls etf and hell of excuses after payment is done. 6. You never get the insurance policy. They say it will come to your mailbox in a day and it never comes. They are also operating under name of SOUTHEREN CARGO PACKERS AND MOVERS. When there reputation took a hit under this name they recently started giving service under name of All City Packers and Movers. This mover and packer is not at all trustworthy. They are just sweet story teller and know how to take customer for ride. They are more of brokers sort and provide there service by arranging through others. They will hire workers for packing on daily wages for your work.They will ask for booking advance which they will use to buy packing materials.If you are fortunate you may get someone who has done packing sometime before else bear with it. They will collude with transporter for transporting your goods. These transporters are third party and don't care of your goods; they are just carriers.They do not have offices in other cities but claim so. if you check there website, you will find the contact number for all city are same and belong to one of 3 person. I am pointing this to highlight the fact that they are doing nothing but charging a premium for servies by falsely prmosing at booking stage. During packing they will do minimal packing and keep on assuring that nothing will happen to your goods. All the promises of world class services will be forgotten. Once you have done the payment, forget it. They will hardly pick your phone. You will want to try different numbers on there website and then the story will unnfold in front of you. I researched and experience and then I came to know of thier nexus. Ball passes between 3 persons: Ravi Kumar, D C Sharma aka Dulichand Sharma and Radha (wife of Ravi Kumar). Ravi Kumar takes care of marketing activities to lure customers and then passes buck to D. C. sharma who takes care of packing and transportation. Radha act as customer service representative and job is to give variety of excuses as far as possible. When I was trying to contact D C Sharma, I was told he is away for a marriage at his village so please contact after 2 days. Tried Ravi and was told that he is having some emergency at his home and thus cant talk for next 5 days. Now what? I kept on mailing daily on mail id they provided without any replies. But, I wanted proof of defecieny in service so I continued mailing them. Fortunately, I think they got some shared truck and dumped my good in it. Story will go on. I was left on the mercy of the transporter and then some other guys who came for unpacking and lifting goods. I managed somehow with them by paying some extra bucks and got work done. Goods were a bit damaged but much less than expectation. I was fortunate to have minimum damage. But, at one stage I felt that I have lost my money as well as goods. Just got luck and got goods. But, it was not worth the amount I paid. I did a last minute change to this mover and packer and made a big mistake. There were no reviews on net for this company and thus I fell into the trap.So, I made a point to post review so that no one else faces the trouble I faced. You can look review of SOUTHEREN CARGO PACKERS AND MOVERS also which is also same company with same address and persons. Also, the insurance policy never came in my hand. They told it will come in a day over email but it never reached me. So, even after paying for insurance, if something hapens to your goods, you are at your own.Anyway, I forgot about it as after payment I cam to know that I am into wrong hands and just wanted to get out of it somehow. I was fortunate to come out by just paying few extrs thousands but the way they operate, anyhting is possible, You will loose your money and damage/loose your goods as well. So, beware fo these cheaters They ahev been in business for so long and can do better but they just want to cheat customers by false unfulfilled promises Not at all recommended.