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Fast Track

R.T Nagar ,Bangalore
September 19, 2010 Rating
Fast Track's inefficiency and apathy are perhaps unparalleled even in an industry that seems to pride itself on putting the customer last in general. Last night, I booked a taxi to take me from Ulsoor to Malleswaram. When it turned up, I noticed that the taxi driver seemed very listless. When we headed out, he was driving very slowly and seemed to have very poor awareness of his surroundings. At one point, at a red light, he put his head on the steering wheel and dozed off, not noticing when the light turned green until we yelled at him to get up. In Malleswaram, he literally drove us around in circles, taking no initiative to find the address we gave him. In fact he didn't even seem to hear us when we tried to give him directions. Finally, when we reached our destination, I called up Fast Track's implausibly-named 'customer care' number to complain. I was informed that 'the driver was sick' at which point I flared up and asked how they could endanger everyone concerned by sending out a sick driver. I was rudely asked if anything had happened to me, if I was hurt or injured in any way, and if not why was I bothering them. Apparently the deal with Fast Track is, as long as you get there in one piece, never mind the risks and poor service along the way, you have no right to complain.

Pizza Port

M.G Road ,Bangalore
June 20, 2010
Please check this listing. I haven't been able to get through to any of these numbers for nearly six months, this business may have closed down or changed its contact details.