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গোপালন সিনেমাস

Movie Theatre
গোপালন ইনোভ্যাশ্ন মল, জে.পী. নগর 3আর.ডী. ফেজ, বন্নেরঘট্টা রোড, বেংগলোর - 560076, Karnataka
ইন গোপালন ইনোভ্যাশ্ন মল
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cash, credit card
Reservation Number: 26590
Multiplex: ইয়েস
Credit Cards Accepted: মাস্টরকার্ড, ভিজা, ভিজা ইলেক্ট্রন

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Sofa seats are very good and the sound is sort of ok. Not many good options for dining in the mall though.
The best service I received as I had to cancel a booked ticket not only did they help me by selling it they even refunded my entire amount. A special thanks to miss. Gayathri and mr satish. Keep up d good work guys. from. Dr. Gerry
decent place ...gud sound

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