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ভাগ্দেভী ভিলাস হাই স্কূল

 08028495850, 08065901900
77/2, 77/3বী, 77/4 এণ্ড 77/5, মানী কোললু, মরাঠা হল্লী, বেংগলোর - 560037, Karnataka
নিয়র লক্ষ্মী নারায়ণা টেম্পল
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Medium: ইংগ্লিশ
Credit Cards Accepted: নো
Gender: সো-এড
Boarding: নো
Board: সি.বী.এস.ই.
cash, credit card
Level: হাইঅর সেকণ্ডরী, হায় স্কূল, প্রি প্রাইমরী, প্রাইমরী

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At the outset , I would like to clarify , that I am not connected in any way to Vagdevi Vilas School in Marathalli, Bangalore East. I am neither the parent/ relative of any student nor an employee. I just happened to witness an incident which shocked me and has haunted me ever since. On Saturday ( 29-Aug-2009), assembly was in progress. A child was up on the stage, administering an oath to the school. He missed two lines. The principal reprimanded him severely in full view of the entire school. She used words like "Shame on you! You have missed line 3 and 4. You have repeated this so many times, yet you don't know." The public address system was on and her voice could be heard over quite a distance. Then a smaller child was called on th ... View More