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 04424914023, 04442892222
52, 1સ્ટ્રીટ મેન રોડ, ગાંધી નગર, અદ્યર, ચેન્નઈ - 600020, Tamil Nadu
નિયર રિલાયેંસ વર્લ્ડ


cash, credit card
Stool Test: યેસ
Urine Test: યેસ
Treadmill Test: યેસ
24 Hours: યેસ
Hearse Van: નો
Blood Tests: યેસ
Lungs Test: યેસ
Home Delivery: નો
24 Hours: યેસ
Optical Test: યેસ
Nerve & Vein Test: યેસ
X-Ray: યેસ
Heart Test: યેસ
Scan: યેસ
Air Ambulance: નો
Specialization: કાર્ડિયોલોજી, ડેર્મેટોલોગી, દિય્બેતોલોગ્ય, ઈ.એન.ટી., એન્ડોક્રિનોલોગી, ઓફ્દેલ્મોલોગી, ગસ્ત્રોએઁતેરોલોગ્ય, ન્યૂરોલોગી, ન્યૂરો સર્જરી, નેફ્રોલોગ્ય, ઓબ્સ્ટેટ્રિક્સ એંડ ગીનેકોલોગી, ઓંકોલોગી, ઓરથોપેડિક્સ, પિડિય્ટ્રિક્સ, ફીજિય્દેરેપી, પ્લાસ્ટિક સર્જરી, સાઇકિય્ટ્રી, પુલ્મોનોલોગ્ય, રહેઉમતોલોગ્ય, અરોલોગી, વેસ્કલેર સર્જરી, રેડિય્લોગી, પોડિય્ટ્રી
Credit Cards Accepted: માસ્ટરકાર્ડ, વિજા, વિજા ઇલેક્ટ્રોન

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sir, iam from kalpetta the wayanad district of kerela,my loving sister is suffering fromDIALATEDCARDIOMIOPODHY echo is showing below 20%. the doctors from mims hospital calicut narayana hredayalaya banglore has rule out the chance to transplantion of heart and they suggested to take rest, and have they advised to give some medicines and they advised to pray to the god and they saying that threre is no another way ,but yesterday while iam going through news paper i understand that some transplantation is happened there for a man o f 32 years.in the light of the above information iam sending this male .i would like to know what is the steps i have to take to transplant the heart.how to book for heart and all pls help me to go head tha ... View More
I have lost my cousin who just turned 36 ,recently because of this money mending maggots. My cousin was admitted here , he was all fine except for a stomach issue, there was no diagnosis for what the issue was. He went there for a checkup by One DR.Murali, who just asked him to get admitted and went fricking Out of town. God knows why when the doctor is out of town he asked the patient to get admitted, knowing very well that he can’t treat him. The patient was admitted for 2 days and was asked to do an endoscopy. while they took him to the endoscopy, He died right there during the procedure. They gave the relatives the body of a 36 year old healthy man all wrapped and ready in the next half hour. I still don’t understand why an autopsy ... View More
Mrs. Yola rebello, aged 78 admitted in the icu and on ventilator has improved under the wonderful care of the doctors and all other staff. we appreciate the excellent work and pray that God continues to guide and inspire your team to save precious lives.
I apologize on behalf all our family members who out of anxiety to visit and have a glimpse of my mother, but were put off by the security staff and exchanged hated words with them. I hope the administration and the team will overlook us being emotionally swayed away and keep up the good work.
Thank you Fortis Malar and Praise be to God!

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