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यो! चाइना

 08041472836, 08041472837
54/2, दे मोनार्क कॉम्प्लैक्स, ब्रिगेड रोड, बेंगलुरु - 560001, Karnataka
इन दे मोनार्क कॉम्प्लैक्स
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Catering: येस
Home Delivery: येस
Home Delivery Radius: 2 के.एम.एस.
Amenities: नॉट अवैलेबल
Valet Parking: नो
Alcohol: नो
Cuisine: चाइनिज
Home Delivery Call: 41472836
Veg/Non-Veg: नन-वेज
Food coupons accepted: सोदेक्षो, टिकेट रेस्ट्रॉंट
Credit Cards Accepted: येस
AC,Non AC: ए.सी.
संपादक की टिप्पणी
Yo! China: Fast food eatery and take away - Chinese style. Yo China is a hot favourite with those who are on on a budget, and love Chinese food. The ambience exudes lots of cheer with hues of red and yellow that are seen across their outlets in the city. They have a variety of packages like kiddy packages, kitty packages, and on-the-go packages, besides home delivery at reasonable rates. Besides the regular a-la carte options, they have combo deals as well. The food and service is average.

Other Branches of Yo! China

Opposite Nilgiris Supermarket
Kammana Halli, Bangalore
Opposite Innovative Multiplex
Maratha Halli, Bangalore

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