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 04443530015, 04443530016
454, आरके शनमुगम सलाइ, केके नगर, चेन्नई - 600078, Tamil Nadu
ऑपोजिट एमजीआर मार्केट


cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Specialization: गीनैकोलोगी, ओर्थोपेडिक, इंफेर्टिलिटी, कार्डियोलॉजी, दिय्बेतोलोग्य, ईएनटी

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excellent hospital to go...
excellent service,DR.Gunaseelan is the one who is taking care of my health process from 2010.his contribution towards medical procedure is great.trust and ask for him.u will definitely ne cured.right diagnosis at all time.
i really feel bad after admit my wife for second delivery coz rooms are not cleaned and nurses are not professioned,no transaperent in treatment,after delivery they rush to collect money only,not only doctors,even sisters,helpers all asking money,money.then after the delivery 3rd day only one dgo came for checkup.pediateric never came to check for baby.after we discharge also we cant collect discharge summary and bills,and also now the birth certificate provided by corporation through hospital by free of cost but they charge 100rs for that and not gave any bill for that.operation theatere not maintained properly.
Hi We are from MGR Nagar. We are very much thankful to KM Nursing Home. They only found first , my daughters hole in the heart. Now we are taking precautions to close. once again we are very much thankful.
Just stepping in to home back from KM Nursing home. it was a really bad experience. there is no customer service at all by the nurse. Doctor not sure about the problem. the moment i asked the doctor,"what could be the problem? sugar is normal, ECG is normal as you mentioned! then what else it would". you know what reply i got from that male doctor, "it will be fine..". he was in hurry to rushing back his home itseems. they were not even treated as patient. i really didnt expected such kind of service from the KM hospital.
Happy you comment on KM. KM is working from my childhood. It works 24 hours with good staffs. I thank those doctors helped well during our illness. Most of the people living in k k nagar affected by chickungunya was feeling thankfull to this clinic including my parents.

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