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6/9 वॉलेस गार्डेन, 2न्द स्ट्रीट, नुँगम्बक्कम, चेन्नई - 600006, Tamil Nadu
नियर नीलगिरीस सुपरमार्केट


cash, credit card
Gender: अनिसेक्स
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन
Spa Therapy: ऍरोमैदेरैपी, फ्रूट देरैपी, हेयर स्पा
Spa Services: बेक मसाज, बलीनेस्स मसाज, बॉडी पॉलिश, बॉडी रैप, डीप टिशू मसाज, फेस मसाज, फेशल, फूट रेफ्लेक्षोलोग्य, हेंड एंड फीट मसाज, हीड मसाज, जैकजि, रिजुवनेशन, स्पा मैनकरी, स्पा पेडकरी, स्टीम बाथ, दाइ मसाज

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I recently went to the Influence Spa -Nungambakkam which is located very near to my place. i got very much impressed by their service and the environment of the place, decided to visit regularly. they explained about their various membership, which is really worth of what we pay, and i opted the membership which includes all the services, like massage, facials, pedicure, hair spa, which helps to make it a routine
Lovely Spa. Loved the ambience and services. Excellent therapist. I would highly recommend the balinese massage which i take regularly and i also appreciate the staff's patience and the quality of services. Looking forward to my next visit.
Wow!!!! Definitely a top Spa in Chennai. Good range of therapies, and i like the range of price too. Really had a very good Experience :)
The influence spa at Wallace Gardens, Nungambukkam is well reputed and a good word of mouth about places pushes you to go and try them out. I was back from a trip down U.S and wanted to relax and enjoy some hours of solitude that is when I signed up for a session at Influence. On my visit I felt positive elements float around me, the ambience was perfect it had a depth the interiors. I was taken away to a room and as I got into something more comfortable I felt excitement within as it was my 1st time at a spa. My package was called the rejuvenating experience and it covered a foot massage, body massage, facial, body wrap and body scrub along with a flower bath. The step by step process went on taking a block of negative energy with it. The ... और देखें
I recently visited the Influence spa at Nungambukkam, Chennai. Let me tell you it was an amazing experience. I felt like I had been taken back in time in another world all together. I have been a regular at spas and recently heard of Influence from a group of friends. I went and engaged myself for the Global Treatment package it included a foot massage, glamorous body scrub, followed by the Influence signature leisure massage, a regenerating body wrap, topping it all up with a stress relieving bath. The products used were natural and worked wonders on my body. The masseuse was well trained and it appeared as if her hands were dancing on my body putting pressure at certain vital points and draining away all my woes and pain. It proved to be ... और देखें
People usually go to spas to relax, attain nirvana like feeling or just space or in my terms to chill. I was on my own mini road trip when I passed by Influence Spa recently in Nungambukkam Chennai. Just as we all know how much the south of India is famous for its holistic healing practices and associated work, I once came across a place in Kerala that treated diseases through love! So I stepped in the Spa, it appeared to be quite to-date in setting yet it had and artistic flair to it. After going through the service menu I decided to take in all the pampering offered by the Global Treatment package. The sitting began with foot massage and it felt so good the oils and the masseuses hand worked like magic. We proceeded to the relaxation scru ... और देखें
I was a bride to be and the last two months had been hectic I was led away from most household chores but there was so much to do, so much to get sorted with and one thing that never ended was shopping. Though retail therapy works but the excess of it along with all the other heaping issues had left me tired and worn out. As the days of the wedding neared my concern for my skin and body grew I like all girls wanted to look the best bride ever been. Also the inner nerves of the whole change in scenario had to be looked at I didn't really know how to work things out that is when my mom took me out one day and bought me down to the Influence Spa at Nungambukkam. We went through the listed therapies and decided to go for the Rejuvenating Experi ... और देखें
It was Mother's day and we were thinking of a gift for my mom when my brother randomly suggested we gift her a Spa trip. It was an apt idea as our mom spent most her days sorting out home and our lives; she rarely found the time to indulge herself. We booked her at the Influence Spa Nungambukkam as it was rated well on internet sites. On day we surprised her with cake and gifts, she was happy as a visit to the spa excited her. On reaching she discovered we had suggested she go in for the Influence Signature Experience. She happily took in all the pampering of massage, body scrub and wrap along with facial, reflexology and exotic flower bath. She got back home beaming, her smiling face was our return gift. She not only looked brand new but a ... और देखें
After days and days of continuous work and family commitments I needed a break. I needed space, needed peace and I needed something that relaxed me down and gave me few hours break from this worldly chaotic and stressful life. A friend suggested a trip to a luxury spa would do me good and I drove down to Influence Spa as it was the nearest to my place. I had no specific therapy on my mind after consultation I decided to for the Day of Leisure package. It began with the foot reflexes, proceeding to a gentle body massage it further involved an ecstatic body scrub and wrap, facial, reflexology, manicure, pedicure, an lovely flower bath and hair spa. The package was worth my instinctive decision. Post the procedure I felt elated. The therapies ... और देखें
I am a collector and cherisher of experiences. You have something new and I'll be there checking and critiquing the so called new in you. I was visiting a friends in Chennai when I recently stumbled upon an article on the internet of the Influence Spa which spoke about its exquisite space and services offered at Wallace Gardens, Nungambukkam. It had the Bamboo Massage on menu. I opted for it instantly, it was a fresh and natural approach that combined the Swedish and deep tissue massage strokes. Soaked bamboo tools were dipped into warm and exotically fragrant aromatic oils and rolled onto specific points of tension taking me deep down the lane of Nirvana. It felt ecstatic, that feeling inside was how I would define calm! I'd earned another ... और देखें
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