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स्ट्रीट. मॅरीस मॅट्रिकलॅश्न हाइअर सेकंडरी स्कूल

1, वीवीएस इयर स्ट्रीट, गनपठ्य्पुरम, तंबरम ईस्ट, चेन्नई - 600059, Tamil Nadu
नियर कोर्ली हाइअर सेकंडरी स्कूल


Medium: इंग्लिश
Level: हाइअर सेकंडरी
Gender: सो-ईदी
Boarding: नो
Board: मैट्रिकलैश्न, स्टेट

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this is the best school that i am a ever seen before that is so perfect in education,extra curricular activities i am also a st mary's student i am in good job thank's to my teacher's, principal and correspondent
yasawini vijay

Those were memorable days with Mr.Denzel and Mrs. Fernandez during 12 yrs between 1983-1995
Well It was really Good Especaily Our Prinicpal He was SUPERB. Now i have heard that it has dropped its standard in education really very upsetting. Would really like to meet up all Our Old Teachers and Class mates. The most exciting thing was we were the last batch to write our 10th in Crecents Hig.sec.school cant forget the days waiting for the school bus to pick us up and we'll all be gathering the tamirind and eating it bcz we were hungry. WOW those were the days. So much nice things to talk about when we take up. BEST MEMORIES
i still remember the prayer in my kindergarten in 1980's
good coed school.nw name has dropped down

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