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बुल्स फूटवियर

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42/36, श्री साई राम कॉम्प्लैक्स, वेलाचेरी, चेन्नई - 600042, Tamil Nadu
नियर स्पेन्सर्स डेली सुपरमार्केट


Type: कैजुअल, फोर्मल, स्पोर्ट्स
Brands: ली कूपर, लिबर्टी, निक, पमा, रेड टैप

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Dear to all,
I bought a Ladies footwear cost about 990 Rupees on 29 October 2014.
#42/36,Shri Sai Ram Complex,100 Feet Byepass Road,Velachery,Opp Spencers Daily, Chennai-600042

It was damaged due to rain.I think it is manufacturing mistake and I wanted to repair or replace the one on 09th Nov 2014.
The in charge of the shop was behaved like a ARROGANT manner and refused
to do the work.He was not at all hearing what we expressed.
I was frustrated and put back the foot wear to him along with the bill and came out
with out the footwear.
So I request all Velachery people to know about this incident, the shop people are not move with customers in friendly manner.

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