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निर्मल लाईफ़स्टाइल मॉल, 1स्ट फ्लोर, एलबीएस मर्ग, मुलुंड वेस्ट, मुंबई - 400080, Maharashtra
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Brands: नीलकैमल
Products - Sets: बिडरूम सेट, डिनाइंग सेट
Furnishing services: नो
Used Furniture: नो
Furnishings: अदर
Type: होम फर्निचर, ऑफिस फर्निचर
Type Of Furniture: डेसिग्नेर फर्निचर, होम, ऑफिस, सोफास
Products - Storage: कैबिनेट्स, कबर्ड, ड्रेसेर, सीडबोर्ड, वॉर्ड्रोब्स
Products - Seating: चेयर, कम्प्यूटर चेयर्स, सोफा, स्टूल
Products - Surface: बड, सेन्टर टेबल, कम्प्यूटर टेबल्स, कॉन्फरेन्स टेबल्स, कोर्नर टेबल्स, डेस्क, दीवन, ड्रेसिंग टेबल, इग्जक्यूटिव डिस्कस, वर्क स्टेशन्स
Make: ऍलमिनिअम, आयरन, स्टील, वूडेन
संपादक की टिप्पणी
Furniture Bazaar: A part of the Pantaloon group, budget furniture can be bought at Furniture Bazaar. With constant deals and offers up for grabs, Furniture Bazaar is ideal for buying sets of items at reduced rates. Check all pieces thoroughly as items are mass produced also making exclusivity on design non existent. All outlets tend to get very crowded on weekend. Some outlets are located within the Big Bazaar while others are stand alone units. Besides furniture, modular kitchens, crockery and home-ware is also on offer. Live displays allow you to visualize concepts.

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Excellent collection of budget furnitures !!

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